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Colorado personal injury  In A Crash? What To Do Next…

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you’re suddenly forced to deal with medical issues, finding the right doctors for treatment and paying hospital bills, which means dealing with multi-billion dollar insurance corporations. Navigating the complex system of insurance is no easy feat.

  • Do you know what questions to ask?
  • What is involved in filing an insurance claim?
  • Do you know that 95% of all insurance corporations evaluate claims using a computer software program? How are you and your claim valued by that program?
  • What happens if you get a low-ball offer, or your claim is denied outright? No one should have to fight an insurance corp. alone for payment of medical bills and future medical care.
  • What are all your options?
  • We Are Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers

    If you suffered serious physical harm or brain injury from a Colorado car accident, take time to explore this website. It will offer information you need to choose a trial law firm to handle and resolve your Colorado personal injury claim.  Learn more about car accident cases and insurance claims.

    At The Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson, our team works closely with our clients to achieve fair and timely resolutions — allowing people to regain their lives. As a trial practice, our Colorado personal injury team stands up for our clients in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom.  Review the trial record of our Colorado personal injury firm.

Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson

The Colorado Personal Injury Firm Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care

Located in Boulder, we work with serious personal injury cases throughout Colorado. We specialize in car accidents and insurance breach of contract cases, focusing solely on these two practice areas. As a true trial firm, we have the expertise and experience in trying these cases, should the insurance corporations (which are in every jury trial) make a low ball offer, forcing us to court. Our record of success in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom is proof of our competency.  Read up on what makes our firm different.

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