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Practice Areas

Colorado personal injury lawyer  Focused Practice: Personal Injury & Insurance Claims

There are many advantages to working with specialized lawyers, yet many firms continue to maintain a general practice or offer a wide array of legal services. Can a small or mid-size firm deliver exceptional anti-trust litigation, divorce, intellectual property, criminal defense and other practice area services effectively to a diverse client base? Probably not. That is why the Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson specialize in two practice areas only.

We only work with people suffering serious physical harm resulting from a car accident… including pedestrian, motorcycle and trucking accidents. This focus allows our firm to maintain an extraordinarily high quality work product.

Insurance corporations often delay or deny insurance claims. When insurers do not do right by their policyholders, individuals need an attorney with a track record for going to trial in bad faith cases.

Benefits Of A Specialized Law Firm

Our practice is limited to the areas in which our knowledge and experience speak for themselves: personal injury and insurance bad faith. Our firm has put together an exception team of legal talent, including Boulder personal injury lawyer Peter M. Anderson, who have a dedicated focus on motions, settlement guidelines, trials, etc. in just these two areas.

Boulder personal injury lawyer Peter M. Anderson and his team have a high level of knowledge, as their everyday work product is dedicated on these two areas. They are on the cutting edge of changes in law, as well as recent Colorado Supreme Court and District court rulings. They frequently attending continuing legal education and other national/local seminars dedicated to specific issues in accident cases.

Increased Efficiency
By focusing on only two types of cases, our firm has been able to build an extensive document library and work product database that covers both specific cases that are routine and not routine.

As a client, you get great access to the senior-most Colorado car accident lawyer and higher priority among the firm’s clients. As a smaller firm, there is no significant staffing hierarchy… our entire team can dedicate time to each client quickly. This is the “nimble factor”.

Smaller Case Load
Our firm is dedicated to working with individuals seriously injured in car accidents (motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, etc.); we do not take cases of questionable injury. As a result, we have a smaller case load than most of our competitors. Therefore, we can dedicate extensive resources, time and energy, delving deep into each case to propose a settlement that will meet the clients’ medical needs now and in the future. And if insurance corporations refuse to pay what is fair and reasonable, we are ready to go to trial — as we have faith in each of the cases we take.

Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson

The Colorado Personal Injury Firm Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care

Located in Boulder, we work with serious personal injury cases throughout Colorado. We specialize in car accidents and insurance breach of contract cases, focusing solely on these two practice areas. As a true trial firm, we have the expertise and experience in trying these cases, should the insurance corporations (which are in every jury trial) make a low ball offer, forcing us to court. Our record of success in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom is proof of our competency.  Read up on what makes our firm different.

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